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Avetis Ghukasyan

Full Stack Web Developer & Founder of FullStackCourses.com

Hey! I’m Avetis and I am a full stack web developer (previously a software developer). I have Bachelor of Computer Science from Wentworth Institute of Technology and Web Technologies graduate certificate from Harvard University.

I believe that with hard work, dedication and consistency anybody who sets their mind towards learning a particular skill can do so - even if that individual has no prior knowledge of it and feels like a complete beginner.

I have been teaching online for free since 2015 on my YouTube channel. Since then I have received millions of views and thousands of positive comments. FullStackCourses is an evolution of my teaching to let me deliver courses of higher quality and create a space where developers can have friendly discussions and motivate each other to do better.

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What are some of the ways to access courses?

Full Access Membership - Subscribe for monthly or yearly membership and access all of our current and upcoming courses

Individual Courses -  Purchase one or more courses separately from the membership. You will have access to them forever

Why are there only few courses?

We recently launched our business during 2020 and will be adding up to 6 more courses this year and much more in the upcoming months and years in order to accelerate our growth (after our growth limit has reached we will be releasing up to 4 as advertised)

What are the private forums?

We have private forums for each programming language that is being currently taught. More communities will be added as we expand our language set. As a student of each course you can ask questions related to each lecture within the course. Private forums are there for you to start discussions about topics which the course did not cover

What is the 24/7 dedicated support?

As you are interacting with other members, either within lectures or private forums, we always monitor threads and discussions to resolve any negativity and answer all questions and concerns in a timely manner

Will my subscription price increase as more courses are added?

We will be increasing our price. But the the price will never change for you. Once you subscribe that will be the price you pay. You will be grandfathered into the membership

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