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  • Basic knowledge of C# or programming - knowledge of variables, conditional statements, loops and other basic concepts

  • Apple, Windows or Linux machine - .NET Core and Visual Studio Code are cross-platform compatible

  • Undivided attention to grasp new concepts

What Is Object Oriented Programming?

We will be talking more about this in the course but simply put Object Oriented Programming is a programming technique or a paradigm that allows you to solve the problem by modeling it very closely to the real world via objects. This makes it very intuitive for the writer of the program and for the reader as well when collaborating on large projects. Various programming languages such as Java, Python, C# and others can be used to write programs in an Object Oriented manner.

Why Learn Object Oriented Programming?

Object Oriented Programming makes it extremely simple to write code which is scalable, maintainable and readable. In large technology related companies and corporations it is necessary to follow object oriented programming principles because otherwise collaborating in large numbers would be very difficult if not virtually impossible. 

As you can see - not knowing Object Oriented Programming automatically takes points away from your overall resume - whether you are trying to find a job or become an independent contractor. It is a tool which professional developers must posses - especially if the end goal is to become a full stack developer.

Learning Object Oriented Programming fundamentals will help you pass basic or intermediate interview questions, let you write cleaner C# code, be a valuable member for any team using Object Oriented Programming and let you pick up other Object Oriented languages much easily since the concepts are very similar.

How Much Do C# Developers Make?

C# or .NET Developers make anywhere from $81,417 to $109,315+ depending on the seniority and level of experience (source: It also depends on how well you perform on the interview which is a big deciding factor on how much room you'll have for negotiating higher.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Installing .NET Core SDK

    • Installing Visual Studio Code

  • 2

    Big Picture

    • What Is A Program?

    • How To Write A Program?

    • OOP Basics

  • 3


    • Down To Earth Definition

    • Concrete Class

    • Abstract Class

    • Interface - Part 1

    • Interface - Part 2

  • 4


    • Down To Earth Definition

    • Static Polymorphism

    • Dynamic Polymorphism - Part 1

    • Dynamic Polymorphism - Part 2

  • 5


    • Down To Earth Definition

    • Public

    • Private

    • Protected

  • 6


    • Down To Earth Definition

    • Abstraction Through Encapsulation

  • 7

    All Together

    • Summary Of All Concepts

    • Small App - Part 1

    • Small App - Part 2

    • Small App - Part 3

  • 8


    • Source Code

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