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  • No prior programming experience is needed since this course is focusing primarily on soft skills

  • Undivided attention to grasp new concepts

What Are Software Development Mindsets?

Software development mindsets that we have available are general principles to follow during certain timelines in your career. They are tested and proven methods of getting the most amount of value out of your software or web development endeavors.

Why Learn Software Development Mindsets?

This course is a map starting all the way from college to when you become a senior developer and decide to open up your own business. Knowing about all the potential pitfalls and obstacles and better yet knowing how to avoid or solve them when faced with them will save you so much time and energy.

Many of us have gone through this journey and we are offering you a map that is going to be very similar to yours if you are in the software or web development industry. Knowing the proper mindsets will help you increase your potential earnings in the long run as you are making better and more accurate decisions than your competition.

How To Implement Software Development Mindsets?

Since these principles are not hard skills - you cannot write them in a form of code and run them to see the results. Instead here is the recommended approach to take in order to get the most amount of value after learning them.

Look at your own life and detect where you are compared to the timeline of the course. Once you find it recognize your past mistakes, if any, accept them and start implementing one new principle per month. The reason for implementing them individually is to be able to see their individual effects more claerly.

The key is - once you implement one principle don't stop it as you begin the next one. Stack them up on top of each other over the span of time.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What To Expect

  • 2

    Entry - Navigate Beginnings

    • Choose Your Industry

    • Come Up With An Overall Plan

    • Work On Your Own Projects

    • Study For Interviews Early

    • Take Advantage Of Internships

    • Stay Ready Don't Get Ready

    • Abundance VS Scarcity

    • Always Negotiate Higher

    • Stay Neutral & Do The Work

  • 3

    Junior - Maintain Growth

    • Dont Fall Asleep

    • Focus On Few And Master Them

    • Avoid Conflicts

    • Taking Initiative Without Being Asked

    • Stay Physically Active

    • Jump Ship VS Title Switch

  • 4

    Senior - Bypass Ego

    • Dont Get Attached To Your Title

    • Back To Beginnings

    • Conceptual Thinking And Design Decisions

    • Making Smart Investments

  • 5

    Moving Forward

    • Becoming A Leader And Higher

    • Getting Advanced Degrees

    • Going Solo And Entrepreneurship

    • Main Goal With Side Projects

  • 6


    • Farewell

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